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VAT and Fuel Rebate Reclaim

Fuel Rebate Reclamation 

Many Hauliers are unaware that a number of EU Governments have added an additional cost to the price of Fuel purchased in that member state.  This additional cost can be reclaimed in a form of a rebate by any Company registered within the EU, however this process is a complicated one. 

The main countries who operated this system are France, Belgium and Slovenia.  The amount of rebate is variable (set by member state), however as an Example, for hauliers refueling regularly in Belgium a typical amount to reclaim could easily by €1500 per vehicle, per year (and if you operate multiple vehicles and have yet to reclaim this, you could be sitting on a substantial amount).

Motis offer a comprehensive service to manage this complicated process for our customers, allowing you to concentrate on operating your business.  We can reclaim for 3 years previous and then on an ongoing basis.

For our customers it is simple, once you agree to Motis acting on your behalf, we take copies of your Fuel Card invoices for the reclaim periods in question.  The process normally takes 3 -4 months to complete, and reclaimed amounts (less agreed Fee’s) are paid into your account.  For further information or to sign up to reclaim your Fuel Rebate please contact us.

European VAT Reclamation

European Hauliers incur substantial costs outside of their country of residence for such purchases as Fuel and Road tolls to name but a few.  A large percentage of this cost is local VAT which Motis can offer a service to reclaim quickly and efficiently.

Once agreeing to Motis acting on your behalf we take copies of all VAT invoices and process the information to remove the workload allowing you to get on with your core business. Our Rates are extremely competitive and our aim is simple and reflected in all the products we offer, to ensure we provide industry leading levels of service, competitive rates.