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Motis FSA

On the 1st December 2012, Motis Ireland exchanged contracts with the Dover Harbour Board (DHB) to take over the Freight Services Agency (FSA) Business based at the Port of Dover. 

Motis Freight Services Agency (FSA), provide the vital Customs link for vehicles carrying non-EU goods or for vehicles transiting non-EU countries. Motis FSA is situated in Dover and handles more than 500 import/export vehicles per day. The service is open 24hours a day and includes the issuing of EUR1/ATR1 certificates as well as cargo handling, Customs examinations and seals checks. Whatever your requirement Motis FSA will provide the vital link.

Motis are looking forward to operating and developing a thriving business, supporting the local economy and the ability of the Port to provide world-class services to its customers.


UK HGV Levy & DartCharge

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DARTCHARGE - Pay this at Motis FSA

As of 30th November 2014, you are no longer able to pay for the Dartford Crossing with Cash or Dart Tag.  You can pay for this at Motis FSA in Dover.  For account holders, you can also pay for this on account.  Please Contact us for further details on

HGV Road User Levy

Every foreign vehicle driving on UK roads must pay the HGV Road User Levy. The rates are based on the vehicle type (see table below) but in simple terms the levy is £10 per day. A day is midnight-to-midnight. Applies to vehicles of 12 tonnes or more. Includes roads in Northern Ireland.

What happens if you don’t pay?

If you haven’t paid the full levy for your vehicle you’ll have to pay an on-the-spot fine of £300. If you can’t pay the fine, your vehicle will be impounded.

How do you pay the levy?

You have to buy the levy for each day you expect the vehicle to be in the UK. If the vehicle is delayed, you may need to pay for extra days. Proof of payment is by unique transaction reference, there is no tax disc or ticket issued. There are discounts for weekly/monthly/yearly levy purchases. The HGV Levy is available in £ only.

Where can you buy the Levy?

Motis is an approved reseller for this new levy. You can pay by cash/card over the counter at Motis FSA Dover (see map link below) or account customers can purchase a levy by phone, SMS or Email: 24 hours a day FOR FULL DETAILS CLICK HERE. Register your fleet with us in advance and have your driver contact Motis to purchase the required levy. Please note there is a daily booking fee per levy day which applies when booking on account. To register the fleet please complete the following form here for the attachment.

What are the rates?

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